Award Winning Presentations

(School/Corporate/Special Events)

Entertain ~ Educate ~ Inspire

Based on "Real" Travel Experiences, Peoples and Places!

Down to Earth Conservation Education entertains and informs with diverse educational presentations that have wowed crowds for three decades! From environmental and social justice issues - to black history and first nations studies. From cultural celebrations - to leadership lessons. Motivational keynote speaker, Loretta Penny brings the "real world" to your school, special event, teacher workshop or lunch 'n learn program. Book today!

The LARGEST Hands-On Displays!

(Over 6 metres in length)

We Come To Your School or Event!

Wildlife displays courtesy of Environment Canada, Ministry of Natural Resources and public
donations. Cultural/historical displays courtesy of Loretta Penny and Michael McLean.

Our unforgettable museum quality hands-on Sensory Safari displays are the LARGEST
of any kind! They are the highlight of our environmental, cultural and historical presentations!

This additional learning method is beneficial to all students, but in particular those with learning disabilities or behavioural issues. Sit back and enjoy, as students increase their motivation
to learn by engaging their senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch)! Fun for all ages!

Gifts from the around the world!

Jewellery, Scarves, Musical Instruments, Rocks, Minerals, Semi-precious Stones, Notebooks,
crafts and more! Contact us for details.


Did You Know?

As many as 200 species of trees may be found in a single acre of tropical rainforest.

"You can teach a student a lesson for the day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives."
- Clay P. Bedford

Did You Know?

Habitat loss is the biggest threat to endangered


Our Environmental Visual Presentations encourage respect for our natural world by promoting awareness and action.
Based on our personal research trips around the world.

Social Justice

Our Social Justice Visual Presentations address Economic Inequality, Aboriginal/Indigenous Issues, Racial Inequality, Gender Inequality and more! "Real life" stories connect our audience.


Our Cultural/Historic Presentations embrace the rich traditions, cultures and history of modern, aboriginal and ancient peoples.
Based on our personal research trips.


Our Language Presentation is a
poetry extravaganza designed to ignite a passion for reading, writing, public speaking and rhyme.